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Glos 2024 Made in Glose Beer Cider 2.jpg

The Made in Gloucestershire Beer and Cider award honours the excellence and craftsmanship of local beer and cider producers in Gloucestershire. This category seeks to recognise the outstanding contributions of brewers and cider makers to the region’s beverage culture.

Flavour and Quality: Judges will assess the taste, aroma, and overall quality of the beer and cider entries, looking for exceptional and well-balanced flavours.

Variety and Innovation: Breweries and Cideries are encouraged to offer a diverse range of products, showcasing innovation in brewing and cider-making styles while staying true to Gloucestershire’s traditions.

Gloucestershire Story: Participants are encouraged to share the stories behind their beverages, emphasising how they embody the culture, history, or unique characteristics of Gloucestershire.

Label Design and Branding: The visual appeal of the beverage labels and branding will be considered, as it plays a significant role in attracting consumers and representing the region.

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