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The Made in Gloucestershire - Dairy Award will be judged on the following criteria:

Quality and Freshness: The quality and freshness of dairy products are paramount. Entries should demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality to consumers.

Local Sourcing: Priority should be given to using locally sourced dairy ingredients from Gloucestershire, supporting local farmers and ensuring freshness.

Innovation: Judges may look for innovative approaches to dairy product production, including unique flavour combinations, new dairy products, or creative uses of dairy ingredients.

Presentation and Packaging: The visual appeal of dairy products and their packaging is important, as it can enhance the overall consumer experience.

Sustainability: An emphasis on sustainable practices in dairy production, such as eco-friendly packaging or waste reduction, may be recognised.

Gloucestershire Story: Entrants are encouraged to share the story behind their dairy products, highlighting their connection to Gloucestershire’s dairy traditions and culture.

Community Impact: Dairy producers actively involved in and contributing to the local community, whether through educational programs or support for local initiatives, may receive additional recognition.

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