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The Foodie Award 2024 Glos.jpg

The Foodie Award  2024 is the most prestigious recognition in the Gloucestershire Foodie Awards. This award is bestowed upon the individual or entity that the panel of judges deemed the ultimate champion of Gloucestershire's culinary scene for the year 2024.

This award will be presented at the award night bringing together culinary enthusiasts, local businesses, and community leaders to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the ultimate foodie champion.


By bestowing this award, the Gloucestershire Foodie Awards 2024 aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions and dedication of the ultimate foodie to the culinary and community enrichment of Gloucestershire. This award embodies the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines Gloucestershire's vibrant food and drink scene.

All finalists for this year's awards will be considered by the panel of judges to receive this award.

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