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Glos 2024 Made in Glos Wines and Spirits.jpg

The Made in Gloucestershire - Wine and Spirit Award is dedicated to recognising the outstanding craftsmanship of local winemakers and spirit producers in Gloucestershire. This category celebrates the region’s rich viticultural and distillation heritage.


Judges will evaluate the flavour profiles and sensory attributes of the wines and spirits, looking for remarkable depth, complexity, and balance. The winemaking and distillation techniques employed should demonstrate mastery and innovation, highlighting the expertise behind these libations.

Label Design and Branding: The visual appeal of the wine and spirit labels and branding will be considered, as it contributes to the overall experience and represents the region’s identity.

This award category aims to celebrate the artistry and dedication of Gloucestershire’s winemakers and spirit producers, showcasing the region as a hub for exceptional drinks that embody its unique character.

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